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Week 1 - Wes Marchand and the Liberatore Family

Week 2 - Isla Pedrick and the Holzman Family

Week 3 - Jax Alaimo and Ariel Erbelding

Week 4 - Wanda Smith and Patrick Williams 

Week 5 - Sarah Parkes and Andy Luft

Week 6 - Caroline Gaudieri and Chadd General

2022 Schedule - HFL Black and HFL Gold Football 

2022 Schedule for HFL Black and HFL Gold Football

2022 Schedule

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Weekly Scores

Weekly Scores

A Note from HFL Varsity Coach John Russ....

I hope this note finds you well as we head into the summer.  Before we know it, the lights will be on and we'll be playing Friday night football games!  I wanted to give you a few exciting updates in our program (I included last years senior families as you and your son helped pave the way for what I am about to share).

Youth Football Update:  With the excitement around HFL football, for the first time ever, the HFL youth football program will have having a total of four teams!  The program will consist of two 'B' teams and two 'C' teams.  We are very fortunate to have such great interest in football at a small school like HFL where many other schools are dropping teams due to lack of numbers/interest.  Our youth coaches, parents and volunteers deserve a huge thank you for all of their positivity and commitment to growing the game of football at HFL.  With that said, parents of JV and varsity, we may ask for your help this coming fall with some behind the scenes work such as chow hut, chains, etc.  Many of you had your son come through the youth program and know how much of a commitment it is.  More details to come!

Weight Room Updates:  We have been very fortunate to win some awards from the Buffalo Bills over the last several years which includes money to be put towards the football program.  We have invested that money into the weight room to make it "the place to be" after school or in the summer.  With help from the tech department, we have installed two 85" TV's, a 65" TV and a state-of-the-art sound system - the place is rockin' during our workouts! The district is committed to giving our athletes the best opportunities to be successful and gave the athletic department to okay to hire a summer strength & conditioning coach.  Ernie Leal is filling that role this summer as he pursues a teaching degree.  Ernie has worked as an assistant S&C coach with the Miami Dolphins, University of South Florida, Syracuse University and several D3 schools.  He is going to bring passion, energy and expertise to the weight room and our athletes.  Additionally, we have just replaced our 22 year old weight room floor with new 2'x2' custom tiles that you see in all of the major D1 and NFL weight rooms.  We have also installed a section of turf in the weight room from wall-to-wall measuring over 50' in length and 7.5' in width.  The turf will be a great way for the kids to push sleds, do agility drills, warm up, etc all the while staying inside in one central location.  I have attached several pictures of the weight room updates - we should be completely finished by the end of the day today.  I have asked the varsity football players to show up at 3:00pm today to help move the equipment back into place in the weight room so our strength coach can have all of the necessary pieces of equipment (yes, it still does begin this morning).  So, if your child wants to help, 3:00pm today! 

Batavia vs HFL:  our varsity football team has been invited to play our game against our rival, Batavia, at the Buffalo Bills stadium on October 15th.  We have had some great games with Batavia over the last several years and the state has taken notice.  There are some details yet to be worked out but I want to be transparent and let everyone know there is a cost associated with this event.  Right now, they are telling us it will be $28/ticket for fans.  Furthermore, this is scheduled to be our home game and 13WHAM was set to broadcast it live from HFL.  I have talked with a reporter who covered our 6am pep rally for our Friday night football game last fall and he is hopeful that 13WHAM would still come to Buffalo to broadcast the game - they're big HFL football fans!  In order to get the price of the tickets down, the annual fundraiser that we do would help bring the cost of the tickets down.  

Certainly, we have found success at HFL in our football program.  Our youth numbers have never been higher.  Our Mod and JV numbers are pushing, if not exceeding 40 players.  Our weight room is buzzing with athletes and new flooring and equipment are adding to our kids desire to be better.  The commitment from our district, administration and families has been incredible.  I thank you for everything you do for our program and we are all looking forward to another great year of HFL football.

Go Cougars!  - John


Spectator Policies During Practice



The Cougar Football and Cheerleading board requires that anyone who is not a coach or an on-duty medic observe football practice sessions from a distance of at least 20 yards away from the sideline that is closest to the parking lot.  The sidelines, and areas immediately surrounding the practice fields need to be kept clear in order for the coaches to maintain a focused, safe environment for the players.  Thank you in advance for your understanding, and compliance.  



The Cougar Football and Cheerleading board requires that anyone who is not a coach or an on-duty medic observe cheer practice sessions from the parking lot or the sidewalk surrounding the parking lot.  The areas immediately surrounding the practice field need to be kept clear in order for the coaches to maintain a focused, safe environment for the girls.  Thank you in advance for your understanding, and compliance.  



The Cougar Football and Cheerleading board requires that the Middle School gym, when used for cheer practices, be kept completely clear of any spectators until the final 15 minutes of practice. The coaches need to maintain a safe, focused environment for the girls.  Thank you in advance for your understanding, and compliance. 


Concussion Facts

There has been a great deal of focus recently placed upon the issue of concussions in the sport of football. Following numerous studies, government agencies, schools, and football sanctioning bodies have created guidelines aimed at protecting our youth from unnecessary injuries. Our league has set policies in place for this season that specifically address this important issue. Please take a few minutes to read the Fact Sheet for Parents attached below. Being aware of concussion prevention, symptoms, and treatment is extremely important.