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    Weekly Raffle Winners

    Weekly raffle winners will be posted every week in the "Raffle Winners" section located in the left navigation pane of this home page. Congratulations to our winners! 



    Please navigate over to the "Medical Schedules" tab on the left of this page and sign up as a Practice or Game Medic during the season. We need to make sure we have adequate coverage throughout the season by qualified personnel (and you all know who you are). If you have any questions regarding qualifications, duties, or sign up obligations, please email our new Medical Director Nancy Adair at Also be sure to thank her for taking on the position ... it's an extremely important part of the HFLYFC organization and we are all thrilled to have her aboard!

    Let's get signed up as soon as possible ... the first practice of the season is only 9 days away!!!


    HFL To Offer 7th 8th & 9th Grade Modified-A Cheer!


    This year we are very excited to announce that our 7th & 8th graders have the opportunity to cheer modified for school this fall. While we will miss each and every one of you we are looking forward to seeing what each of you will accomplish on modified and the growth you will make as athletes. To our parents of our athletes, thank you for sharing them and trusting us with them. We have enjoyed coaching them each year and getting to know all of you.

    Below is an email from the HFL Athletic Director, Mr. Donohue. We are looking forward to a smooth transition.

    Thanks again for everything.

    Rachel L. Rivera
    HFL Youth Cougars Cheer Director

    2017 Registration is OPEN!


    Registration for the 2017 HFL Youth Cougar Football and Cheerleading Season will open Monday April 3rd and close Sunday May 21st. Click on the REGISTRATION link to the right of this announcement for more information and to begin the registration process. Fees haven't changed from last year, however we will no longer have 7th and 8th grade Cheerleaders in our program. The Middle School has created a Modified Cheer Program for those girls interested in continuing with Cheerleading in 7th and 8th grade. Also, a $15 late fee will be added to your registration cost if you miss the May 21st deadline.


    Please take a few minutes to become familiar with the local businesses who are supporting our cheer and football activities. Sponsor information can be found in the "SPONSORS" tab in the top of the the left navigational area of this home page. You can also click on sponsors ads on the left side of the home page to learn more about them on their websites. Without the generous local business support of our sponsors, the costs of participation for individuals would be far greater than it is currently. Thank You!

    2017 Spectator Policies During Practice



    The Cougar Football and Cheerleading board requires that anyone who is not a coach or an on-duty medic observe practice sessions from the bleachers.  The sidelines, and areas immediately surrounding the practice fields need to be kept clear in order for the coaches to maintain a focused, safe environment for the players.  Thank you in advance for your understanding, and compliance.  


    GYM SPECTATOR POLICY  - Middle School Gym

    The Cougar Football and Cheerleading board requires that the Middle School gym, when used for cheer practices, be kept completely clear of any spectators until the final 15 minutes of practice. The coaches need to maintain a safe, focused environment for the girls.  Thank you in advance for your understanding, and compliance. 


    These are strictly optional, but can be ordered by contacting Rachel Rivera at or (585)519-8229.

    Cost: Sweatshirt - $33.00

                     Jacket - $50.00

    Please contact Rachel for more details.

    HFL Cougar Mini Helmets are available for purchase for $30 each by either seeing Dan Meacham at any of this weeks final 3 practices, sending an e-mail to, or placing an order at the Merchandise Tent at next Sunday’s final home game.


    Game Recaps

    All season, game recaps will be available in the "Latest News" section on the left side of this home page. These news stories can also be subscribed to using the RSS feed delivery, and can be accessed on corresponding team pages. Download the "Sport Ngin" app for your smart phone (iOS, Android) to enjoy live push notifications of news stories, scores, and game recaps throughout the season.  

    The Registration "Home of HFL Youth Cougars Football & Cheerleading" is not currently available.

    Concussion Facts

    There has been a great deal of focus recently placed upon the issue of concussions in the sport of football. Following numerous studies, government agencies, schools, and football sanctioning bodies have created guidelines aimed at protecting our youth from unnecessary injuries. Our league has set policies in place for this season that specifically address this important issue. Please take a few minutes to read the Fact Sheet for Parents attached below. Being aware of concussion prevention, symptoms, and treatment is extremely important. 

    The Registration "Home of HFL Youth Cougars Football & Cheerleading" is not currently available.